4 Tips To Be Happy Now

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4 Tips To Be Happy Now

How many times have we heard wealthy successful people tell us that “money does NOT bring Happiness”?Pharrell Williams Happy

How many stars have committed suicide or overdosed when in our minds they have everything, are on top of the world and as a result we think they should be oh so happy?

Most of us have this preconceived idea of what being happy is, we have it in our mind that if we only had this that or the next thing then we would be happy. And we will not let ourselves be happy until we have these things.

How about You? Are you waiting until your situation changes before you will allow yourself to be happy?

The irony is that even when these “Certain” things we are waiting on arrive, we are still not satisfied. As humans we always want more, so we immediately start thinking what’s next, what’s bigger what’s better, if I can get them I will be happier.

It is obvious this is NOT the way to live… Life is way to short to be looking at some distant point in your life as the time you will finally be happy.

That point may never arrive and as already stated, once it does arrive you will find it still is not enough.

If you want to enjoy your life and live a life well lived you MUST choose to be happy NOW.

There is no perfect life, there will never be a perfect happy time… being happy is like any goal you set for yourself, you have to strive towards it, you have to work daily at it, you have to make the decision you will be happy!

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The following are 4 tips to help you do just that!

1) Learn to be grateful.

Being grateful or having gratitude is one of the most powerful and beneficial states of mind that you can implement if you want to be happy..

It will make you a much more positive person as it changes your mindset. You no longer focus on the things you don’t have but become grateful for all the things you do have.

And you have lots of things in your life to be grateful for… Focus on these things while working to better yourself. Be thankful for the great things in your life. See them for the blessings they truly are.

Your mindset and outlook on life will change. You will become a much happier person.

The more you're grateful, the more you will be given to be grateful for.


2) Take time to smell the roses.

Slow down and enjoy the finer things of life.

If you are spending all of your time rushing around and stressed out you are going to get overwhelmed and frustrated.

Learn to relax… Take it easy. Enjoy what is around you. Take pleasure in the simplier things of life.

Spend time with friends and family, enjoy nature, go for a hike, read a great book, enjoy some nice music.

These are all things you can enjoy now… make an effort to do so.


3) Enjoy the journey.

Life is the journey. Success is the journey.

There will never be a finish line in your journey to become a success. When you set goals, what you will find when you achieve them is there is always another goal to chase after.

Find your passion and go after it… If it is your passion you will enjoy the process. Focus on a career that you enjoy. Work that you love.

Enjoy the moment you are in while moving forward to the next moment. Stop living in the future.

Be happy now by enjoying what you are doing now to get you to the next step of this journey.

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4) Pursue a Goal

Strive to always be bettering yourself. People are designed to grow. If we are not growing life becomes mundane and boring for us.

We are meant to go after things… to accomplish goals.

Decide what it is you wish to have or who you wish to become or what you wish to accomplish… YOUR DREAM. And start going after it. Even baby steps will make you happier then not moving forward at all.


Want to feel Happy Right Now?

Get down with Parrell Williams – Happy Music Video!  🙂


Final Thoughts:

The most important take away from this, is that on your journey to be happy, you must understand that being happy is for the most part a Choice you make each moment you live on this earth.

There is no question that life can throw us curve balls from time to time, we will experience difficult and challenging times where it will be hard to be happy, however these are only temporary…

…the problem becomes when we let the “little cares of this world” that we experience on a daily basis distract us. Learn to look past them and focus on what it takes for you to be happy now.

Focus on being happy, make it a goal and it will grow within you to the point it will be second nature and you will live a happy and fulfilled life.


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