“4 Surprisingly Simple Ways To Become Happier”

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“4 Surprisingly Simple Ways To Become Happier”

There is not a person on this planet who has not had a down day. A day where we wished we could just simply turn our mood from 4 tips to be happiersour to upbeat and happy. Ever have a day like that? If so were you successful in changing your mood?

When we are down like that feeling happier seems like it will never happen again for us. We tend to forget or not realize that turning our mood around is not that difficult.

The following are 4 simple strategies you can implement next time you are feeling down and want to be happier.

Strategy #1. Head out on a walk

Not only is going for a walk daily a great way to get some excellent exercise… it is a fantastic mood shifter. It is hard to stay down when you are walking at a decent pace looking at nature and the beauty surrounding you, breathing in the fresh air and getting your heart pumping.

Strategy #2. Put on some upbeat and positive music.

It is a proven scientific fact that listening to the right can of music and change a persons mental state in seconds. You can become much happier in no time flat if you pop in that old favourite CD you have not listened to in awhile. The shift in mood is almost impossible to stop, this technique is that powerful.

Strategy #3. Laugh a lot.

How many times have we heard “Laughter is the best medicine”. There is no question that finding something to laugh about will make you a happier person very quickly. Turn on a comedy show and watch how your mood changes. Want to spread the happiness? Learn a few jokes and get others laughing with you.

Strategy #4. Engage in Relaxation Breathing.

Relaxation Breathing is a great form of mood shifting therapy that can be done anywhere. Sit down with your back straight, and simply close both your eyes and focus on your breathing. Pay attention to the rhythm of your braking, the air moving in and out of your nose as you breath. That is it. Does this for 5- 10 minutes. You will be very relaxed afterwards and your mood will have shifted.

Final Thoughts: These 4 strategies to become happier are all very easy to implement and they work. They are not rocket science, they are just simple little proven techniques that will change your mood and make you more upbeat. The key is to remember them and do them the next time you are down- do so and they will work incredibly well for you!

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