4 Reasons Most People Are Such Big Failures

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4 Reasons Most People Are Such Big Failures

Over the years it has amazed me how there is such a significant difference in successful people and people who are failures in life.difference between success and failures

As you know I am a huge fan of homebased businesses and led and built a significant organization within the industry back in 2005.

No where was the difference between successful people and failures more obvious and apparent then in that business. The differences between these two types of people was glaringly obvious.

Now I believe everyone out there has the ability to be wildly successful, but the difference is the successful people have mastered what it takes to make things happen while the failures have allowed excuses to hold them back…

The following is a list of what I considered the top 4 reasons most people are such big failures… if you truly desire success in life read these, take them to heart and if you need to make changes in certain areas do it!

Reason #1) Risk – Successful people are not afraid of risk, where are failures are terrified of it.

In anything worthwhile in life you are going to have to take risks. No Risk No Reward… this is just the way it is.

Successful people understand this and embrace it. It is exciting to them because they know the reward on the other side is worth it. This does not mean they are reckless, they are not gamblers, they take calculated risks. They do not let the fear of losing from time to time hold them back.

Failures are scared of risk. They let it hold them back. Should I or should I not invest in that business? Should I or should I not spend the money on advertising. What if it does not work, what if I lose my money, what if, what if, what if…

Risk is part of success gang… yes take time to analyze it, but do not take a lot of time. Learn from your mistakes and keep on moving forward.


Reason #2) Have Not Found “Their Thing” (Niche, what they are passionate/good about)

This is more of an excuse used by people who are failures. They are the people who state “If only the right opportunity would come along”. They are waiting for the perfect circumstance to just show up.

Nothing is just going to come your way ever. You have to go out and make things happen.

The best place to start is in the areas that you are already passionate or interested in. As the old saying goes… if you are doing what you love you will never work another day in your life.

So sit down and make a list of the things you like and the things you are good at. Ask your friends and family what you are good at, ask them what in their opinion are your interests. They will know because it will be the things you talk most about.

Then look at your list and pick your favorite from it and then simply go to work on finding ways to make money on that subject. The internet is your friend… want to find out how to make money on that subject… simply google the subject and see how lots of other people are earning from YOUR passion!


Reason #3) Don’t Want It Bad Enough

This is a big one and a difficult one.

If this excuse is holding you back you need to do some soul searching, because only you can do what it takes to destroy this excuse.

Many people will talk about wanting to change their life, earn more money, get in shape, become healthy, start investing, etc…

However when it comes down to doing what it takes they would fall flat on their faces because they are lazy or do not have the energy to do the work required.

Instead of coming home from work at night and going to work on a homebased business they would rather lay on the couch and watch TV.

Instead of taking 30 minutes to go to the gym to get in shape they would rather go to the donough shop with a friend…

Instead of investing that money into retirement they would rather buy the new HD tv.

In the end they do not want the success they think they do. The want instant gratification instead. They do not want to feel the pain of achieving success.

The best advice to get out of this rut that I can give you is two fold:

==> Get into personal development BIG TIME. Read motivation blogs like this. Consume yourself with it. Get excited and fired up to make your goal a reality.

==> Get into action! You have to force yourself to do it. Once you start you will find it is very very easy to stay in action.


Reason #4) They Never Learned the Lesson, that if at first you don’t succeed…Try Try Again.

Failure is the number one dream stealer for many people who had the courage to at least try once.

They try something and it does not work and this just destroys them and they quit on their dreams… they quit on themselves.

=> Failure gang IS going to happen.

=> Failure gang IS your training grounds.

=> Failure gang IS where the lessons you need to learn are learned.

EVERYONE who is a success was first a failure. It happens to everyone. And in reality it will happen many times before you have success.

It is part of the journey. It is your education. Instead of going to school to become a success you learn it on your way to success.

The only true failure is if you quit… every little failure along the way makes you smarter, tougher and just one more step closer to being a success.


There are others reasons why people fail like:

=> Not surrounding themselves with successful people.

=> Not having clearly defined goals

=> They let negative people steal their dream

etc, etc, etc….

However the 4 explained here are what I see as being the biggest dream killers for people. Study them, examine yourself and if they are part of your problem go to work on changing them.

Anyone can be a success, it takes time effort and continued determination but you can do it. And in the end it is worth everything you have to go through to get there. If you have a dream you were meant to achieve it. It is your destiny and why you were put on this planet, so do not let life and its “small” problems stop you from being the person you really are!

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Until Next Time
Keep on Rocking!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach



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