4 Great Tips to Handle Stress

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4 Great Tips to Handle Stress

Stress has been a part of human’s existence since the beginning of time. However it does seem that in this fast paced society we now 4 great tips for handling stressexist in that more and more people are starting to lead increasingly stressful lifestyles.

While it is true that some stress is actually good for you, as it keeps you on the ball, moving forward and helps you reach optimum performance.

Having said that most people experience way to much stress in their lives... And this can be very unhealthy to the body. Too much stress disrupts the body’s ability to heal and protect itself.

In fact it is reported that over 90% of all disease is caused by stress.

Stress can cause both physical and psychological problems. .

Stress can cause anxiety, depression, chronic diseases, unhealthy family relationships, etc…

Stress is such a major force in our lives that if you want to live a truly successful and happy life it is required that you learn techniques to manage your Stress levels.

It is very difficult to avoid stressful situations for the rest of your life, the fact of the matter is stressful events are going to happen… but we can deal with our attitude towards these situations and how we allow them to affect us.

The following are 4 Tips on how to handle stress:


Tip #1) Figure out what causes you stress and anxiety.

Start out by making a list of situations that make you stressful.

Now go to work and start dealing with the items on this list that you can immediately change. Such as stop sleeping in, get up earlier so you are not stressed getting ready. Stop leaving things to the last minute that you can get done sooner. If you are an A personality and use to doing everything yourself, lighten your load by delegating tasks to others..

And be sure to stop stressing over the situations in your life that you have not control over. A great example of this is being stuck in traffic. It is just the way it is, relax.


Tip #2)  Relax yourself

Take time to have a break. Close your eyes and relax for 10 – 15 minutes in a quiet room.

Listen to some nice relaxing music if you like or read a book that you enjoy.

Do some breathing exercises and simply relax.

Also calling a friend and sharing with them what is bothering you can be therapeutic. this too shall pass


Tip #3) This to shall pass

Always keep in mind that whatever is causing the stress can not last.

It is a temporary event in your life.

Deal with it while you are in it, try and relax and do what needs done and just keep in mind it will soon be over.


Tip #4) Know you

Be aware what causes you to become stressed or anxious.

If possible remove that trigger from your life.

If it is your job then you should possibly start looking for a new job that is less stressful.


Final Thoughts: The truth about stress is it is not the negative experiences that happen to you in life, what it is, is how you react to the negative experience… your attitude.

So obviously the key to overcome your stress is to learn how to change your attitude toward a stress full situation. Create a state of being relaxed.

As the law of attraction has taught us, what we focus on expands.

The more you think about the negative problem the more of a problem it will become. Instead focus on learning how to relax during the situation and it is less likely to have as negative of an effect on you.

In the end it is your choice you can either continue to allow stress to effect you in a negative way or you can make the decision to change your life for the better by understanding your stress, what is causing it and focusing on implementing these steps to over come it.

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