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4 Destructive Lies That Are Holding You Back

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4 Destructive Lies That Are Holding You Back

Deep down most of us wish we could become more, achieve more, have more and do more.  Lies We Tell Ourselves

Most people really do have dreams and aspirations that they want to achieve.

The majority of people would like to be in rocking shape physically… they would like to have their dream job or own a business… they would love to travel the world and have their dream home… they would like to have a bank account full of cash… they really do want a good relationship with their family, etc, etc.

So why is it that only a very small percentage of the population actually get into action and make their dreams a reality?

Why is it some people go on and become raging successes in life, earn boat loads of money, get into rocking shape physically, travel the world and simply enjoy life… while the rest of the world simply sits back and watches them do it?

==> Is it these “special people” were lucky?

==> Is it they have some sort of magical power that the rest of the world does not?

==> Is it they know some secret that everyone else does not?

ahhh…… Nope!

It is none of the above or any other excuse people may want to use to explain away why someone else has done it and they have not…

The reason for their success and your lack of it is that you have bought into lies…

You have told yourself lies for why it is possible for them and not you.

You lie to yourself…

It is natural thing to do… when someone else has achieved something and we have not it is a self defense mechanism built within us to help ease the pain and explain why it was possible for the other person, BUT not your fault that you did not do it…

The following are some of the most common excuses (Lies) people tell themselves:


1) I Don’t Have Time

This is the most common excuse used.

I am too busy… I have to take kids to activities…. I have to go to work… I have to clean the house… I have to take out the garbage, curl my hair, paint my nails…. blah blah blah…. there is no time!

Gang… here is a news flash for you…

Life is BUSY! Everyone is busy…   im-so-busy

We all have 24 hours in the day… and regardless of what you want to tell yourself you are no more busy then anyone else!

It is not a matter of being busy that is stopping you have achieving your dreams… it is a matter or priorities!

You really do not want it that bad or you would make the time!

There are all kinds of ways to make time (If you really want to!)… cut back on activities… get up earlier…. go to bed later… turn off the TV… etc, etc, etc

In the end if it is really important to you… you can find the time!


2) I Am Not Qualified

This one drives me crazy…

How many people sell themselves short in life because they think they do not have the qualifications to do it.

Do you know that no one is born with qualifications?

Yup everyone who has qualifications went out and earned them…

So if you really do need the qualifications for a certain job or what have you… go and get them… get up off your butt and start getting qualified today!

Now having said that most of the qualifications you think you need you probably in the end do not need…

In regards to a good job… yes there may be some qualifications required for some jobs and again go get them if you really want that job…. but for a lot of employers… hard work and enthusiasm trumps qualifications any day.

You can become anything you truly desire to…

Keep in mind that All experts in every single field started out as a Newbie. No one is born an expert!

 no excuses

3) I’m Too Old

This one is a doozy…

And it is one that I actually have fallen for before.

The funny part was I was in my early 20’s when I said it. I always loved marital arts, but my parents would not put me in them when I was a kid…

So in university I became involved in Karate for a few years… did ok but became discouraged because I figured the “Really Good” martial arts experts must have started training when they were kids, and I will just never be able to become as good as them.

I ended up quitting and have regretted it ever since…

And now I see thousands of MMA professionals who when you read their story did not start training until they were in their 20’s… and they are some of the best in the world. I also know black belts who started in their 30’s and 40’s!

It told myself a lie and I bought it hook line and sinker!

It is NEVER too late… never!

Colonel Saunders was 65 years old when he started Kentucky Fried Chicken… most people are retiring at that age and tell themselves it is all down hill from here… but not the Colonel he was just warming up!!

Age is simply a mindset… do not let it hold you back!


4) Only The Special People Can Do It

We love to put people up on pedestals…

We love to justify our lack of success by claiming the person who made it is sooo talented…. they were born that way… they are special!

They are smarter then us… they are prettier then us… they are more of a people person then us… everything they touch just turns to gold…

are your excuses-greater-than-your-dreamsCrap crap crap…. nothing but crap!

That is all this excuse is!

There are no special people… No one was born with any unique ability to instantly turn them into a success.

There are no over night success stories!

Anyone who achieved anything worthwhile… put in the time!

They made a decision on what they wanted… they became laser focused on achieving it… and guess what they did then??

They went to WORK on making this goal a reality… and they did not stop until they achieved it!

This is the key to success at ANYTHING in life… simply decide what it is you want… find a plan to make it happen for yourself… and then simply go for it… just do it… get over your excuses and make it happen!

Remember… “if it is important to you, you will find a way… if it is not you’ll find an excuse”!

Hey You… Ya You! 🙂 Did you find this post the lies we tell ourselves helpful? If so please do me the favor by letting me know in the comments below and share the good word on facebook and twitter… (thanks!)

Until Next Time
Keep on Rocking!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach



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