3 Ways to Get Network Marketing Leads & Never Chase Friends Again

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Most people go wrong in their network marketing business by getting excited about their opportunity (nothing wrong with that)… and then harassing their friends and family to death…

… None of them join their business and the new network marketing pro gets depressed and quits within their 1st month (if they last that long).

Today I am going to show you have to avoid this… by sharing with you my 3 favorite methods of generating network marketing leads without chasing your friends and family…

First let me say I despise the terminology network marketing leads or MLM leads… 3 Ways to Get Network Marketing Leads & Never Chase Friends Again

Better terminology would be “People to Share Your Opportunity With”.

Leads makes it sound too salesy… and we are not in the sales business we are in the sharing business.

ALL and I do mean ALL we do in order to become a success in our network marketing business is share our business opportunity with others…

… some will get it others won’t… good great grand… keep moving forward by sharing your opportunity with more prospects… never stop!


Here are my top 3 favorite ways to be able to find people (aka Network marketing leads) to share my business opportunity with:

3 Ways to Get Network Marketing Leads


1) Your Warm Market…. BAM!

Now I can already see the look on most of your faces!

BUT Robb I thought you said you were going to share 3 ways to get network marketing leads without chasing my friends and family again??

You got it my friend… DO NOT CHASE THEM… EVER!!

But definitely Share your opportunity with them!

It would be stupid not to!

Everyone knows at least 200 people… if not 1000’s!

Why in the world would you make the decision to miss out on this natural market that you have?

And don’t forget… what you do duplicates within your network marketing organization.

Everyone new business builder you bring into your downline… will have a natural market of 200 – 1000’s of people… if you did not go to your warm market… you can not expect that your team will either!

It is uncanny ow duplication works… even if you tell them to go to their warm market and you did not they will not… it is just the way the universe works!

So of course go to your warm market and have your team do the same… Simply teach them to approach their warm market using third party tools to share the opportunity…

Its simple and its powerful…

Here is a resource to show you how to use the 3rd party tools to share your opportunity with your network marketing leads:

Network Marketing Prospecting: The Magic of Third Party Tools


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2) Facebook Active…

Facebook simply rocks for generating network marketing leads…

What I mean y Facebook Active… is you are actively using facebook to search out high quality prospects… develop relationships with them… and then sharing your network marketing opportunity with them.

First determine who your target market is… who is the ideal fit for you to work with?

Then locate where they are hanging out on facebook… go hang out there also.

Groups and Pages!

Engage in conversation on those pages and groups… like what other people have posted… comment and provide value on what they have posted.

Daily add 3-5 new friends from those groups and pages… send them a quick nice to meet you/connect with you on there msg!

Start conversations with your new friends… both in private messages and on their wall. Like their stuff… comment on their stuff… keep it about them.

Do NOT Pitch them on your opportunity…

Remember friends first…

I use the FORM method:

F – Family (ask about their family)

O – Occupation (ask about their occupation)

R – Recreation (what do they do for fun)

M – Message (once relationship is formed you transition into your message… aka asking them if they are open to looking at your opportunity.

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3) Facebook Passive…

Some may call this method of mlm lead generation “Attraction Marketing”…

Here is what is involve with using facebook for this…

It is putting quality, valuable information out to your target market on a regular basis.

Remember to focus the information towards the target market you choose.

It could be a video… it could be photos… it could be quotes… it could be “how to’s”… etc!

Put out fun information… put out educational information… etc

Do 8-9 posts like this… THEN do 1 power post where you promote your Message…

But when promoting your message do it subtly… not used cars sales man style… Something like a testimonial… a success story… a new product… etc.

Over time this dripping on your leads will have them reaching out to you… connecting with you!

This is a longer term strategy… and personally I believe you will always need to be engaged in active prospecting… but this is a very nice fit and will start to compound on itself as you stick with it!


Here is a short video that goes into more detail on this:


Your Turn: Let me know did this help you?  does it make sense?  Are you going to give it a try?  

If so do me a favor and let me know in the comment section below… AND if you got value hook me up with a share and/or a like?  🙂


Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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  1. Great tips. A lot of people don’t like warm market, but its how you go about it that counts. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Awesome tips Robb!! Especially loved #2 & #3 since right now that’s the majority of the way that’s working for me right now in getting new leads! Thanks for sharing

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