3 Ways to Break the Cycle of Postponing Your Dreams

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3 Ways to Break the Cycle of Postponing Your Dreams

If you are like most people, it is very likely that you have a dream of how your life should be and you would love to make this break-the-cycle-of-failuredream a reality, however you continue to postpone working towards it because you feel overwhelmed (too busy) with the responsibility of life.

So What is Your Dream?

Do you want to be your own boss, work from home with an internet business or some other type of home based business, write a novel??

Regardless the first thing you need to do is take a look at how you postponed or put off achieving this goal…

Then we can look at some action steps to get you back on track towards working on making your goal a reality.

To start with… ask yourself… How did my life turn out like this?

The truth of the matter is that most people look at their lives and say if they could start over again and do it differently they would…

Most people’s number one complaint is their career… You see for most people they “fell” into their job!

Out of a need for income, the majority of job seekers take the first half way decent paying job they can find when they get out of school.

dead end job

Most times they are not overly excited about it… because it is not their ideal job, but they need $$ and they figure they will work this job for just a little bit while they work on figuring out what they really want to do with their lives.

But we all know what happens next… the dreaded responsibilities start piling up… food, car, credit card debt, rent, paying back student loans, etc, etc!

And all of these responsibilities make it difficult to focus on what we really want to do with our lives…

Then before you know it 5 years has gone by… you have worked your way up a bit in the organization you are with and now it becomes very hard to leave this job and start over in a new direction because along with starting over there typically comes a drop in pay.

And a pay cut at this time in our lives is not feasible because of ALL the responsibilities (BILLS) we have… It has become a trap!

So, how in the world do we break out of this trap?

The following 3 tips are your “get out of jail” free card… follow them and implement them into your life and you will break out of your prison and be well on your way to creating the life you have always wanted.


Tip #1. Make your dream life a priority in your life. the difference between who you ae who you want to be is what you do

The huge mistake that most people make is putting their goals off to the side. They say things like when I get a raise I can afford to… when the kids finish school I will be able to… When we pay off the mortgage I will have the money to…

Excuses excuses excuses….

There will always be a reason not to get started… life will always provide you with many reasons why you can not get going.

Whatever your goal is… whatever your dream is… if you REALLY want to achieve it, it must become a priority in your life.


Tip #2. Control and Manage Your debt.

Having a large amount of personal debt and bills limits your ability to achieve your goals.

Most people have to continue working at their job, because their lifestyle demands it.

They are use to the quality of life they have and their bills must be paid.

The truth is that most of us are living just to work… We work just so we can survive.  Because of our bills we have to.

What you need to do is take a look at all of the ways you are spending your money…

Besides providing for the necessities of life, such as a home, food, health insurance and retirement savings… what can you look to cut back on?

Instead of financing that new car save up and buy with cash a nice used car… stop eating out all the time…. cut back on your clothes shopping… stop wracking up credit card debit… if you do not have the money to buy something definitely do not buy it.

I promise you that if you make your goal and dream life a priority in your life it will blow your mind at what you can accomplish and sacrifice to make it a reality.


Tip #3. Time to start saving and investing your cash!

Open an investment account that’s sole purpose is to fund your dream.

Start putting a set amount of money into it from each pay… And add extra cash you have kicking around to it (instead of shopping!!).

What happens to most people is they hold off on doing this until it is to late… they get to a point that they are so frustrated and stressed with their current situation that they end up doing something drastic that they end up regretting.

What you need to do is start now planning towards making your break away consistently start working towards your goal… slowly but surely.

motivation is when your dreams put on work clothes

If your goal is to start your own business, you can start to pick up clients or make sales while you are still working your JOB… save this money you make, purchase what you require from the earnings… and slowly get the wheels turning on your dream.

The other added benefit of starting out slowly towards your dream is it will keep you focused on achieving it…

…it will not be on the back burner any longer… you will feel good because you are taking steps forward, which will also make it so you will be able to handle your present situation better.

So even though you can not step right into your dream at the moment… working towards it is a great start to making it into a reality.

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