3 Ways to Become a Super Person

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3 Ways to Become a Super Person

Who doesn’t remember the Real Super Man, Mr Christopher Reeve’s?

Most of us will remember Christopher for his role as Superman, as well as his efforts on the behalf of disabled people around the world. superman christopher reeve

He turned a terrible tragic event in his life that left him paralyzed into an opportunity to do good for countless people. He truly was a Super Man!

There is no question that he ended up having a much harder go at life then most of us will ever experience, it was so rough on him that at one point in his life after his accident he even considered committing suicide; but yet somehow he dug deep within himself and he turned his life back around and ended up doing incredible things.

So what characteristics did Christopher Reeve have that allowed him to live such an extraordinary life?

I believe he had the following 3 characteristics, and the great thing about them is that YOU too can develop them within yourself and go on to do Super things as well!


Super Person Characteristic #1: Courage.

Christopher Reeves faced up to the challenges in his life, he did not shy away from them.. Where most of us stay away from new challenges that will get us out of our comfort zone, he embraced them head on. you don't need wings but courage to be superman

It is natural as human beings to look for the easy way to get by, the path of least resistance. But the problem is that nothing great or worthwhile comes easy.

In life if we want to do something SUPER we all must face our fears and push past them.

It may be quitting your job and finally starting that business you have talked about starting for years. It may be going to the gym even if you are embarrassed by how you look at the moment. It may be finally leaving that abusive relationship that is holding you back. It may be picking up that phone and making those sales calls.

You need to look deep within yourself and be honest, figure out what is holding you back, what you are afraid of and you need to destroy that fear.

Whatever that “THING” is that you are afraid of, whatever it is that is holding you back, that is the very thing you MUST do in order to take your life to the next level! Be Courageous!

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Super Person Characteristic #2: A Positive Attitude.

Which side of the glass do you find yourself on, half full or half empty?

Your outlook on life is crucial to your success. Having a positive outlook is an absolute requirement to living a SUPER life.

Negative thinking can literally destroy you from the inside out… It will eat you up inside until you are just a shell of the person you were. stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being positive about what could go right

Although getting rid of negative stinking thinking is a challenge, it is a habit you can absolutely break.

Do so by forcing yourself to speak positively. Do not allow yourself to grumble and complain.

Learn how to change your negative self-talk with positive self talk.

Do this by reading affirmations, tape them to your mirror, the dash of your car, on your fridge… anywhere you will see these positive messages on a regular basis through out your day.

Read this blog daily, sign up for our Daily Motivator on the side of the blog. Put positive messages into your mind to counter all the negative crap we see and hear all day.

Read 30 minutes of a good personal development book daily. You can check out my favorite personal development books here.

Force yourself to do these simple activities and within 3 weeks you will notice a Massive change in your attitude, great things will start to happen for you.

Also find new friends. Get away from your stinking thinking friends who do nothing but complain about life. Get around upbeat people who are movers and shakers, who love life and are doing great things.

You become what you put into your mind and who you hang out with!

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Super Person Characteristic #3: Do Something Great.

Have a goal. Challenge yourself. Give yourself something to go after, something that the accomplishment of it excites the hell out of you. If-you-really-want-to-do-something-youll-find-a-way.-If-you-dont-youll-find-an-excuse.Jim-Rohn-quotes

Where do you want to be in 5 years, 10 years. Write it down, put a plan in place to get there and then go after it.

Make life an adventure, do something SUPER!

People without goals, are like going on a trip without having a destination. Just wandering aimlessly around, letting life do what it wants to you.

Don’t let perceived limitations you impose on yourself stop you from going after a SUPER goal.

Don’t let your negative friends or the nay sayers discourage you from your goal. This is YOUR life not theirs. Live it as you want, go after what you want. Use their negative “you can’t do it” talk as motivation and go out and do exactly what they say is impossible.

If a goal is important to you, go after it with all you have. You will be astounded at what you can accomplish.

Within all of us there is a superhero just waiting to be released. So face your fear, step into your phone booth and release that super person that is just waiting to rock your world!


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