3 Tips to Quit Your Dang Whining & Just Do It!

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3 Tips to Quit Your Dang Whining & Just Do It!stop whinning and become a success

Wake up call… Life is NOT Fair!!

No matter what it is you are trying to accomplish in your life, whether it is starting a bricks and mortar business, an internet business, a promotion in your job, becoming super fit… it makes no difference… there are going to be ups and downs and times of frustration!

It happens for everyone…

Your only two options are:

=> to either man up… grow a set and push on…

=> OR to curl up in a little ball… sucking your thumb while cuddling your little pink blankie yelling like a little school girl for mommy to come and make it all better!

To succeed at anything worthwhile in life, you have to stay the course… no matter what the cost and no matter how you are feeling!

You have to stop whining… you have to stop thinking your pouty little negative thoughts and simply shut up and do what needs to be done.

No one said life was going to be fair… it is not so get over it and just go out and get the job done!

You have it in you to become great… but you also have it in you to be a whinny pants little quitter… as humans we ALL have emotions in us that can create either greatness or failure…

It is up to you to decide which emotion You will ALLOW to dominate your life!

Success is being able to keep on keeping on no matter what else is going on in your life!

It is being strong enough to do the required tasks even when it is the last thing you want to do at the moment.

Below are 3 quick tips to help you get to where you want to go…

BUT if you are just going to read them and forget about them then shut the computer off and go back to watching cartoons or playing patty cakes with your quitter friends…

BECAUSE you are not serious about YOUR success… so don’t waste your and my time!

But if you are serious and want to create a GREAT life… What you need to do is not just read these 3 tips… but IMPLEMENT them… Use them!

Real change takes discipline and work… and that is why only a small percentage of people succeed in life… most people are lazy… and only a small few will knuckle down and do what is required to live the good life!



Not For Whiny Pants Tip #1) Dump the Negativity In Your Life:

Negative people are EVERYWHERE! Get rid of them!

9 out of 10 people in your life are negative and they gots to go!

These could even include your bestest little buddy since kindergarden…

…if he or she is negative and always grumbling and mumbling and telling you all the reasons why your dream is a joke and will never happen… DUMP them now!

=> You will become just like the 5 people you spend the most time with.

=> You will earn the average of what the 5 people you spend the most time with earn.

If you want to be a loser your whole life then hang out with losers who are doing nothing worthwhile… who have no dreams goals and aspirations… who grumble and mumble all the time… in no time at all they will drag you down to their level!

BUT if you want to be a winner… if you want to be a success… if you want to accomplish greatness… hang out with winners… hang out with people who have achieved what you want to achieve… it will rub off on you… you will become just like them!

get rid of negative people

Not For Whiny Pants Tip #2) Motivate Yourself

Too many people are dependant on the approval of others… they need other people to motivate them and pump them up…

Just like a kid in grade school they need the praise of others…

And if they do not get it they get all poopy pants… start to lose motivation and hope and eventually end up quitting on themselves! self motivation

It is natural to want others to be in awe of what we are accomplishing… BUT it is also a pathetic weakness that you must overcome!

To succeed… to become great and set yourself apart from the heard… your mentality must be that you do not give a rats ass about the approval of others… it is your life and it is up to you and you alone to live it!

Be a self motivator... do not seek the praise of others… be true to yourself and learn to be able to motivate yourself.

You can do this by engaging in personal development…

=> Reading success blogs like this (if you have not signed up to receive my updates what the heck is wrong with you, make it happen! 🙂 ).

=> Read the testimonies of people who have become a success.

=> Listen to audio tapes of success and motivation material while you are driving.

=> Set your goals, work to achieve them and when you reach milestones celebrate… reward yourself… party like a rock star…

Do whatever it is you need to do to keep yourself fired up and motivated!


Not For Whiny Pants Tip #3) Remember Your Why

If you should happen to find yourself struggling with pushing on and doing what is required to be a success…

… take some time to remember why you are doing this… take some time to recall how crappy things were before and why you wanted to change.

Remember why you set your goal and why it is worth it to go after it.

Remember what you are trying to change in your life.

=> If you are trying to build a business and be self employed… think back to how much you hated your pathetic day job… how much you wanted to punch your boss in the face… how frustrating it was to work all day long each and every day for peanuts while making the boss man rich!

=> If you are trying to get in super model shape… think back at how you looked in a bathing suit… think back at how gross and sick feeling you felt when you where unhealthy eating cupcakes and donuts…

Use whatever it is inside you to motivate you and keep you moving forward!


Final Thoughts:

Life is meant to be lived… Life is meant to be designed… and you are the designer.

Don’t be a loser who just lets life happen to them… who whines and complains that they wish things were better but does not have enough love for themselves to get into action to change things.

Success and greatness is yours for the taking…

As Zig Ziglar said: You do not pay the price of success… you pay the price of failure!

So the choice is YOURS… either sit around Sulking or Man Up AND Go and get what is yours!!


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Make Things Happen!!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach



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