3 Tips to Get MLM Leads on Facebook

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We all know or at least you better know… that MLM leads are the life blood of your business.

No mlm leads and no business… simple as that!

Which once you understand that, really understand that you should get excited… 3 Tips to Get MLM Leads on Facebook

Because the opposite is also true…

… meaning if you ALWAYS have people to share your mlm business with you will have success eventually!

ALL and I mean ALL success is in your network marketing business is sharing the opportunity with new leads on a daily basis… share it enough and you will make it to the top of your compensation plan!


The Best MLM Leads Online…

So lets talk about how to generate some of the best mlm leads out there!

I am referring to the leads you can generate on Facebook.

Facebook is a game changer for the home based business industry… IF and this is a BIG bad IF… you know how to use it correctly!

Most people have no clue and are going about it so terribly they are destroying any chance of success.

Today I will share with you 3 tips to get mlm leads on facebook…

This is just going to be a brief overview as there would not be enough space to cover it all…

… HOWEVER if you are not on my mailing list be sure to jump on it today as I am a HUGE fan of Facebook lead generation and always share tips on how to maximize its potential!


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Ok… onto the tips!

Tip #1: Your Profile Picture, Cover Picture and About You Section

=> Profile Picture: Use a professional looking head shot and be sure to be smiling!

Do not have a picture of your dog or cat or of you ripping it up chugging beer with your pals!

You want your picture to help attract people to you… so look professional.

=> Cover Photo: Use a photo of you living life! doing fun and exciting things.

Network marketing is ALL about the lifestyle. You want your MLM leads to look at your profile and wonder what you do. Present an image of loving and living lif to the fullest.

Pictures like you at the beach, boating, mountain climbing, hanging with your family… doing fun things!

=> About you section: Do NOT post your company link or name. This needs to be about you. Figure out what prospects you want to attract and shape your about you section around their interests.

If you are looking to attract people interested in weight loss, talk about how you love helping people rediscover the ideal weight, etc etc.


Tip #2: Do not be an infomercial!

Waaaay and I mean waaaaaaayyyy…. too many people are using facebook to spam the heck out of everybody!

Do not post your business opportunity… do not post your product… do nto ask people to join you…

Instead provide value!

Again decide who your target market is and provide information on your profile that they will find valuable!

This will attract them to you verses repelling them away!

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This one is the Power tip on FB MLM Lead Generation:

Tip #3: Remember a real MLM lead is a friend!

This is relationship marketing… so build a relationship with people.

Just go out and make friends… like their stuff… comment on their stuff.. post fun and valuable things they will enjoy… start conversations with them!

Do not pitch them like crazy… in fact do not pitch them until a relationship is formed!

remember MLM leads are friends first… AKA relationship marketing!


Check out this video on this topic:


Here are a few resources to help ya with this:

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=> MLM Recruiting: Facebook Sponsoring

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What Did You Think:? 

Did you find this post valuable? Do you have a better handle on how to use Facebook to generate MLM Leads? If so let me know in the comments below!

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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