3 Success Lessons from Lebron James’ Decision 2.0 You Can Use

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3 Success Lessons from Lebron James’ Decision 2.0 You Can Use lebron james success quote

Let me start this by saying I am in NO WAY a Lebron James fan when it comes to him as a basketball player… I do respect his game… but I am a die hard New York Knicks fan and not in anyway band wagon jumping onto Lebron Mania.

However his “Decision 2.0” some what caught me by surprise and as I have analyzed it in my head I have come to the realization that there are some lessons on being successful and happy in life that we can all take away from this…

The following are the top 3 Success Lessons from the Decision 2.0:


#1) Learn From Your Past Mistakes

Do you remember the “Decision 1.0″… the disastrous and as a Knicks fan laughable TV episode where this guy (Lebron) got up on National TV and made the announcement he was leaving the Cavaliers and joining Bosh and Wade in Miami to form the big bad 3?!?

It was a joke, it was beyond cocky of him to do it and he became the laughing stock of the sports world as well as the most hated player by everyone other then the Miami Heat fans. To the point where he went from being called Lebron James to LeBUM James!

BUT… this time around he has obviously learned from his mistakes.

As much as the Decision 1.0 was incredibly immature, arrogant and handled as badly as it possibly could be… the Decision 2.0, was the complete opposite…

It was professional, respectable, and was even able to bring me around as a basketball fan to now having some respect for Lebron James.

He did a great job this time around… he learned from his past mistakes in a big way and he implemented what he learnt.

Want to be successful in life stop doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.

You have to learn from what did not work and you have to be able to make the changes that are required.

the definition of insanity albert einstein


#2) Lebron Surrounded Himself with Talent.

Now here is my little inner NY Knicks fan critique coming out (just a wee bit). you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with

Lebron James did not just give up all hope of winning a championship by leaving Miami.

Not By A Long Shot…

It was not like he was going somewhere that has no chance of winning. In fact by going back to Cleveland he has arguably gone to a more talented team.

Yup… its true, more talented!

Their roster is now stacked with Kyrie Irving (best player Lebron has EVER played with), Andrew Wiggins (#1 draft pick this year and Canadian basketball monster), Anthony Bennet (another Canadian basketball monster and last years #1 draft pick), and it goes on… Plus there is rumour Kevin Love may be coming to join Lebron.

The team is good and the talent is good.

And Lebron has learned to surround himself with Talent! People who will help him become successful and reach his goals.

Learn this lesson!

It is a HUGE advantage when striving for success… Surround yourself with like minded, success oriented, talented, motivated, positive people.

You will become Just Like the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with!

Want to go places, be around people who are going places!


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#3) He Followed His Passion.

This success lesson is arguably the most important take away from Lebron James decision.

Anyone who has ever watched any NBA ball at all, has heard how much Lebron James loves Akron Ohio. This is where he was born and raised and he has a ton of desire (passion) to bring a championship home.

He followed his heart and is chasing his dream of making this happen.

One of the most important factors for being successful is to do what you love.

Do not chase the money. Do not just go after opportunities because you think they are going to make you wealthy. If you do not like what you are doing you will never be a true success.

Do what you love and you will never work another day of your life.

Awesome video by Les Brown on finding your passion:


There you have it, 3 Success Lessons from Lebron James…  

=> Learn from your mistakes…

=> Surround yourself with talent…

=> Follow your passion!!

Now it is YOUR turn!
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