3 Strategies to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts & Think Positive

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3 Strategies to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts & Think Positive

Does it seem that you are caught up in always having negative thoughts and worrying constantly? The power of positive thinking

Always thinking about the worst possible outcome to situations is a mind set that is far more common than most people realize…

Negativity is an easy trap for humans to fall into and a difficult one to get out of once they do.

And the problem with negative thoughts is that they tend to grow on their own, they tend to become the dominating thought pattern or outlook for some people; even when they are not consciously aware they are thinking negatively.

Now this article is not all negative… there is good news for people who are stuck with constantly negative thoughts. Changing your dominating thought pattern into a positive outlook is very possible, but it takes effort and commitment from you for the first while UNTIL positive thoughts far outweigh your negative ones.

The following are 3 easy to implement strategies to help you start creating a positive thought pattern:


Strategy #1) Become aware that your dominant thought pattern is negative.

Recognition that you have this problem is step #1… Because one of the problems with having negative thoughts is that they are more subconscious then conscious. Meaning that many times you are not even aware you are thinking them. They become natural and are second nature to you.

In order to change your dominating thought pattern you have to become aware of the thoughts you are presently thinking.

The way to do this is to perform self examinations numerous times through out the day…

Start paying attention to your mood. How are you feeling? If you are down, frustrated, stressed and overall feeling very negative chances are you have been thinking negative thoughts.

Which leads us to the next step… when you notice this:


Strategy #2) Stand up to your negative thoughts… Challenge them. dominant thought

By challenging these thoughts you can work towards changing them. This is very possible with some effort and determination.

As an example: If you are worried and concerned you may not be able to get all of your work done in time for the deadline, you can try some positive self talk.

Something along these lines: “I recognize that I am worried, however everything is fine. I am a smart person, I know what I am doing and I am more then capable of getting this work done in lots of time. I am just going to do my best and I know it is all going to work out.”

This is not magic, it is not the law of attraction…

The work is still going to be there for you to do; however this type of positive self talk can alter your mindset and get you thinking positively… which will provide you with the energy and motivation to do what needs to be done.

Plus if you practice this strategy on a regular basis you will notice you will not only get better at alternating your mood but more and more the positive thoughts will become your dominating thoughts.


Strategy # 3) Develop a positive expectation habit.

In the last strategy you were learning how to counter negative thoughts when they came into your head.

In this strategy you are training your mind to think more positively from the start of your day…

You need to do this daily.

When you wake up in the morning get in the habit of stating affirmations to yourself out loud.

Say something along the lines of:

=> Today is going to be an awesome day.

=>  I am going to accomplish many great things today.

=> Everything is going to go my way and I will enjoy numerous positive and fun experiences.


A Few Extra Tips to Think Positive:

=>  When you experience problems or what appear to trials, look at them as a way to grow, they are learning experiences to help you become a better person.

=>  Engage in personal development. Reading positive blogs like this or personal development books first thing in the morning and right before you go to sleep at night is a great way to start programming your mind to be positive.

=> Exercise is an immediate mind changer. anytime you are feeling down lace up those shoes and go for a walk or a run. Your state of mind will change immediately. And of course exercising on a regular basis will most definitely lower your stress, as well as making you feel better about yourself and giving you a positive outlook,

The key is to work on developing a positive outlook…

Being positive does take effort to train your mind, but it is not hard and you can definitely make it happen.

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