3 Steps to Take Now in Order To Succeed

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3 Steps to Take Now in Order To Succeed

This is obviously a blog post for people who have dreams, goals and aspirations. Success victory achieve

People who are not content with living the status quo. People who were given a dream and desperately want to make it happen.

This is not a blog post for people who would rather make excuses then get into action.

People who would rather come home from work and spend the night mindlessly watching other people live their dreams on TV.

To become a success each of us will follow different paths… The journey will not be identical for any two people.

However there are general rules or similar steps we all must take in order to reach our goals.

Below I outline 3 such steps; each are steps in the success formula that we all MUST take in order to reach our goals.

3 steps that if you take action on you will start to move towards your goals today.

Step #1) Get Started!

This may seem so blatantly obvious that you are shaking your head saying no kidding there Robbie ol’boy!

Ya… well as obvious as this step is, it is the #1 reason people fail at reaching their goals or doing anything worthwhile with their lives.

They simply never get started. Whether that is because they are scared, confused or simply lazy and making excuses. take action today not tomorrow

Whatever the reason is that is holding you back from getting into action you need to get over it right away.

And the ONLY way to get over it is to simply take that first step. Start today! Not tomorrow, Not Monday, Not January 1st… today… in fact Right Now!

Just laces up your shoes and go! (or after you finish reading this blog post 🙂 )

Put that excuse that is holding you back from starting out of your mind and get into action today.

The crazy thing is that once you are into action you will kick yourself in the butt for not having done so earlier… because whatever the excuse or fear was that was holding you back will then seem ridiculous. You will not believe that it prevented you from getting started as long as it did.

Don’t think, just act!


Step #2) Embrace Risk!

The only thing to fear is fear itself!

Risk is nothing. What is the worst that can happen? You go back to living the life you are at the present? (until you get into action again that is!)

Who cares? Risk is not a big deal. Embrace it. It means you are moving forward.

Risk is part of the deal… it is a requirement to becoming successful.

No risk no reward…

Nothing ventured nothing gained…

During your journey to success there will be obstacles that get in your way… do not shy away from doing what you have to do because of fear of risk. Yes take the time to make sure it is a calculated risk, do not just charge into a situation, but also do not be afraid of it.

Do your homework, make an educated decision, accept the risk involved and move forward.



Step #3) Enjoy The Journey!

“Find something you love and you will never have to work a day in your life” – Confucius

Working towards something you are passionate about is not work it is fun… and will make the journey more enjoyable.

Success is a journey. It takes time. There will be ups and downs, hills and valleys. You may run into trouble, you may even get lost from time to time.

No journey anywhere is a straight line… It will have twists and curves, bends and bumps!

And it will take time… and believe it or not, you may even fail a few times before you arrive (everyone does!)

The key is to realize that the only way you will never reach your destination is if you quit.

As long as you keep moving forward you are going to eventually figure it all out and you will arrive.

Understand all of this going into your success journey… prepare yourself mentally for it.

Most people think success will be easy and that it will happen fast, so when it does not… they quit at the first obstacle that gets in their way.

What I have found is that the Journey is your testing grounds… your education.

The universe appears to be set up in such away that it will not allow you the really great rewards of life UNTIL you have passed the tests it throws your way…

It shapes and moulds you into the person you MUST become to handle the success.

Instead of trying to fight this… embrace it and ENJOY the journey… enjoy life as you are pursuing success…. do not neglect your family, your health and your happiness.

Enjoy life while you are continuing to move towards your goals!


Final Thought: The last thing I will leave you with is to encourage you to figure out quickly what you are passionate about, decide what you want to accomplish and go and do it.

Life is short, it flies by and we do not know what tomorrow will bring. Now is the time for action, now is the time to create the life you desire. No one is going to do it for you.

It is up to you and you alone… so get into action and go and create a story you will look back on with pride!

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Until Next Time
Keep on Rocking!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach



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