3 Simple Network Marketing Success Tips

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Alrighty have a seat, get out a pen and paper and ready yourself for some profound thinking from Robb with 2 Bs! 3 simple network marketing success tips


Better be because what I am about to say to you can Rock Your World FOREVER…

…IF you get it that is!!

Because some will read what I am about to say and ignore it as they are looking for the magical potion that will whisk them to the top without work required!

But those of you who are truly read to make things happen will love this!


Here we go… profound time!

“It is impossible for you to change the results you have gotten… BUT it is very possible that you can change your Habits… that will then change your future results”!

Do you get it? Do you really grasp what I just said?

This is major guys…

ALL and let me repeat that… ALL that it takes to have success in your network marketing business is being committed to being consistent to the required daily activities.


The only plan you will ever need…

The following 3 simple Network Marketing success tips will get you on the right track in regards to the habits you need to create in order to have success in your business.


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Network Marketing Success Tip #1) Commit to engaging in daily personal development.

Although the activities we engage in to create success are easy… This business can be hard on the head at times.

Rejection can be hard.

The ONLY way I have been able to ever stay committed to reaching my goals was by becoming addicted to Personal Development.

I spend at least 30 minutes every day reading a personal development book, blog post (like this), watching a motivating video.

Commit to it gang!

I have never met a leader in our business who is not addicted to Personal Development… we all do it!

That is what they call… a CLUE!


Multi Level Marketing Tip #2) Meet at least 2 people every single day!

Gang your success in this industry is all about the people you know & meet!

Randy Gage told me that back in the old days when he was prospecting he would put two coins in his right pocket and would not go home until he had moved both coins to his left pocket.

The only way he could move a coin from his right pocket to his left was when he met someone and got their contact information.

Now with this wonderful invention called the internet, meeting people is a breeze.

With social media I meet 10 people per day. That is my goal, my habit. Every day go out and meet 10 new people on Facebook.

Easy to do, but because it is so easy to do it becomes easy not to do. Make a commitment and stick to it is the key.

(continued below)


Network Marketing Success Tip #3) Share your business with at least 2 people every single day!

If you are ok with achieving success in 3 – 5 years you share your business with 2 people daily.

If you want to go faster and speed up the time it takes to be a success, share your business with at least 5 people every day!

If you want to success in 18 months… crank up those numbers. A min of 10 would be required…

Mark Yarnell who wrote what I consider to be the best book in network marketing…

“Your First Year in Network Marketing”… claims you should share your business with 30 people a day!!

Want to retire from your job in the next 12 months? Share your business with 30 people a day… it will happen!

You can check out Mark’s Book here.


Was that Profound or what??

So there you have it… 3 simple Network Marketing Success Tips… that will change your business and life for ever…

IF… you develop them into rock solid habits in your life!


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Video – 3 Simple Network Marketing Success Tips


Your Turn What do you think? Can your success in your business really be as simple as applying these 3 strategies?

Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below.

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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  1. Thanks for sharing.. love tip 1… personal growth… this is something people in our profession just don’t spend enough time doing… great post Robb

  2. Great tips Robb with 2 b’s haha. But all great tips and very true.

  3. Awesome post Robb! Incredible tips and great value as always!

  4. I love all 3. Personal development is paramount! And the other 2 – small actions taken daily lead to big results!

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