3 Lessons on Success You can Learn from The Rock

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3 Lessons on Success You can Learn from The Rock

There are not many people on this planet who do not NOW know who The Rock is. The Rock Success Quote

Growing up I was a huge wrestling fan. Loved that stuff.

However when I was a kid The Rock was also a kid so obviously he was not one of the wrestlers I was watching. Those were the days of Hulk Hogan and crew… the good ol’ days for wrestling fans.

Of course as I got older I got away from watching wrestling… UNTIL one day after I graduated from university I saw my little brother watching this guy called “The Rock”.

Here was this guy cracking jokes and running around laying the good ol’smack down and dropping the people’s elbow left right and center.

(sorry if your not a wrestling fan you have no idea what I am talking about at the moment, but stick with me I am going somewhere with this)

He intrigued me because this dude was different then the rest. He was not just funny and entertaining to watch… but you could tell he was driven. It was obvious he was success minded and was going places.

And 10 -15 years later has he ever…

Over the years I have watched his rise to even greater success and I have noticed 3 key areas that we can all learn from The Rock (Dwayne Johnson).

3 reasons why The Rock is the success he is…

Reason #1) Never give up on your dreams.

Not many people know but The Rock started out as a football player. Or I should say he his goal was to be a football player.

He played during his college years at the university of Miami and actually won a national championship in 1991.

He obviously had aspirations to become a professional football player, but after university he did not end up in the NFL. Obviously he was not good enough.

Now to most people they would look at not making the NFL as the end of the road for their football career, they would give up on their dreams and decide it was time to get a real job.

But not The Rock… he did not give up… instead he decided to play in the CFL. Which is obviously considered small potatoes compared to the NFL.

And lets be honest not many people make it from the CFL to the NFL. But He did not quit on himself and his goals… he did what he had to do.

So he was picked up by the Calgary Stampeders; however again he was obviously not that great of a football player and was cut by the team a short while later…

2 Failures in a short amount of time (not picked up by the NFL and cut by the CFL)…

Now again most people have 1 failure and that is it they are done… they go home crying to mommy and give up on any big aspirations they might have in life… and settle into a life of mediocrity…

But not this guy... what does The Rock do?

He goes on to become arguably the greatest, most entertaining and famous wrestler of all time… and a huge movie star!

The Rock never gave up on his dreams ever… he never let temporary defeat or failure stop him…


Reason #2) Work your butt off…

This guy is always working.

Every time you turn around he is filming a new movie…

And not just one at a time… it seems he is always filming 2-3 at a time.

And on top of making movies he is back wrestling…

He never stops… the rock through the years

He is always pushing himself…

Don’t think so? Just take a look back at pictures of The Rock from 5, 10, 15 years ago… what you will notice is how he is constantly working to get into better shape…

Right now this guy is in the best shape physically I have ever seen him.

Most people would hit a level and say “well obviously the condition I am in has gotten me what it has gotten me and that is good enough”… then they would settle! (once you settle the backwards slide starts… if you are not growing you are going backwards)

Not the Rock… it is obvious he has goals; it is obvious he is not willing to settle and it is obvious he challenges himself and is always trying to make himself better.


Reason #3) Always strive to better yourself…

I have already just talked about how it is obvious he pushes himself in the gym and strives to be the best he can physically….

But how about his career?

You would think that once he made it to the top of the Wrestling world he would have relaxed and just enjoyed life… content to be a super star wrestler, famous around the world…

Most wrestlers are content to be a wrestler their whole life. Once they make it to the WWE they figure they are set… they have reached the top.

The problem is that most wrestlers fad out…. here today and gone tomorrow… then what? There is not much demand on the job market for washed up wrestlers… Eventually even the top wrestlers disappear from the scene.

It is obvious the Rock either recognized this early on or had lofty goals to become an actor from the start… because he pushed himself and made an incredibly successful transition from wrestling to becoming a very big movie star…

Which to some of you may not seem like a hard thing to do, going from being a famous wrestler to a movie star… but try and name one other wrestler who has done it successfully?

Many have tried but none were successful... (think Hulk Hogan’s brutal attempt at movies!)…

…but this did not stop The Rock… he went for it anyway and because of his drive, determination and effort was very very successful.


Final Thoughts: Your goal may not be to become a world famous wrestler or movie start… but I can assure you that any goal you wish to achieve you most certainly can if you model The Rock’s mentality of… Never giving up on your dream”…. Working your butt off… and Always striving to better yourself…

So what are you waiting for… get out there and drop the good ol’ People’s Elbow on Life and make it happen!!

Like The Rock?  Here is a pretty cool inspirational video by The Rock.

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Until Next Time
Keep on Rocking!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach



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