3 Key Symptoms of Anxiety

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3 Key Symptoms of Anxiety

When people have to deal with difficult situations they can suffer through some form of anxiety. People who suffer with anxiety anxiety symptomsdisorders may find it difficult to lead a normal life.

Issues typically accompanied by anxiety disorders include general anxieties, obsessive compulsiveness and panic attacks. It’s important for individuals who suffer from anxiety to seek treatment.

This will help alleviate or control some anxiety symptoms.

The following are considered symptoms of Anxiety:

Emotional Symptoms

An obsessive thought is a symptom of anxiety disorder. Those who suffer obsessive thoughts may become consumed with repetitive behavior such as repeatedly checking if the door is locked for a certain amount of time.

Chronic worry is another emotional symptom of anxiety disorders. With chronic worrying people can become extremely distraught and suffer from breakout sweats, headaches and trembling.

Panic and fear are contributed to anxiety disorders as well. These symptoms can make you upset to the point of choking and repeatedly gasping for air.

Physical Symptoms

Chronic fatigue and/or exhaustion affect many people who suffer from panic attacks. This may cause slurred speech and make talking difficult.

Coupled with trembling and shaking anxiety disorders also can make you feel as if you’re off balance, causing you to fall or stumble. Intimacy issues are often a symptom of anxiety.

Those that experience a lack of intimacy may stem from stress and its effect on the heart and thereby decreasing the blood flow that is used to stimulate sexual organs. Heart palpitations can be attributed to panic attacks brought on by severe anxiety disorders.

Couple with panic attacks people may feel as if pressure is being placed around the rib cage.

Food Digestion

When the body has to deal with stress it begins the process of preparing itself by increasing the blood flow to major muscle groups. This causing a decrease of the blood flow needed in order to aid digestion.

Symptoms stemming from the lack of blood flow may include nausea, vomiting and indigestion. For long time patients suffering from anxiety this could lead to an onset of stomach ulcers.

If you are dealing with any of these symptoms and believe you may be suffering from anxiety, it is advised to seek help. Do not stress over it, there are many solutions to anxiety that will allow you to control it, but the first step is looking for them and dealing with the issue.

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