2 Simple Strategies to Get You Started with Attraction Marketing

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So in yesterdays video we discussed the benefits and power of Attraction Marketing and what it can do for your network marketing business. 2 strategies attraction marketing

If you missed that video here is the link you can check it out:
Network Marketing Recruiting: have prospects come to you.

So now that you understand the importance of creating your own attraction marketing system… the question that automatically comes next is…

How do I set up my own system Robb??

Great question my friend AND… I just so happen to have a few options available to you!


The Best Option for Getting Started with Attraction Marketing…

By far the smartest, easiest and most effective way to get up and running is to use a ready made attraction marketing system.

I personally use MLSP and I always recommend it to my team or training clients if they are looking to get into attraction marketing.

They have all the systems, webpages, attraction marketing training, tools, support etc…. all in one place.

You can check them out here: www.SuccessWithRobb.com


The Second Option & Also A Goodie…

However in the end attraction marketing is simply putting out into the market place valuable content that your target market will find helpful to solving their problem.

Then by continuing to put out this valuable content, overtime your target market will come to see you as the expert in the field and want to do business with you.

Although a ready made attraction marketing system is the ideal route to go…

…putting out content is as simple as doing a video a day… or writing a blog post a day… or writing an article a day… or a facebook post a day, etc etc..

This route will take you longer but it will overtime get you leads!
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The #1 Attraction Marketing Secret

Be YOU!!

This is crucial my friend…  when you are sharing content be yourself…  Do not try to be anyone else…  people will be attracted to you!

Write your emails the way you would if you were writing to a friend.

In your videos be you and not someone else!

Do not try to be somebody else and try and speak their language…  people will see right through you and simply pay no attention to you.

And the whole key to this type of marketing is to attract people to you who can relate to YOU!


It is a simple concept and its why its so powerful…

That is the beauty of this strategy!   Anyone can do it!

Because the truth is that you and I will attract different people…

…some people will relate to you and your story, your personality, your journey, your experiences, how you talk, how you write, what you say, where you are from, etc!

And that very same person I am not going to stand a chance at recruiting…  simply because they may not relate to me or frankly even like me as a person!

And that is OK!


There are millions and millions of prospects online….

The internet is a HUGE place filled with hordes and hordes of high quality prospects for your network marketing business…

Prospects who are looking for the right person to partner with…  the person who they relate to and feel comfortable with!

And don’t worry about feeling like you do not have any value to provide…  You do and this is how you will do it…

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The Research & Report Strategy…

Become a reporter!

Do you think that a report for a news channel has any idea about the story they are going to report on before they do?

Nope not a clue… they go and research it and then report on it!

Doing attraction marketing online is no different!

Simply read blogs posts like this… watch videos… read a good Network Marketing book…  and then write or do a video on what you learned… report on what you learned!



A Journey of 1000 miles starts with the first step… a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

EVERYONE of the attraction marketing rock stars you see out there started somewhere….  the key is to just get started!

And once you get started it becomes so much easier.

Continue to learn and study these concepts…

Never stop learning…  read the books, listen to the audios and watch the videos and then apply what you learn and then  simply report on what you have learnt…

…repackage it with your own twist on it and people who relate to you will naturally be attracted to you and want to partner with you in your network marketing business because of the value you provide AND  because of who you are!!

Again the short cut to success with this technique is to use an existing system…  MLSP lets you take a test run for only $10 bones…  you can check it out here:


Video 2 Simple Strategies to Get YOU Started with Attraction Marketing


Your Turn What do you think?  Have you used attraction marketing?  Are you going to?  What do you think of the simplicity of the “Research & Report” method?

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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  1. Love the simplicity …. be yourself…. great post Robb…

  2. Hey Robb, you did a great job of defining how to provide value. Thanks.

  3. Very informative post! I think attraction marketing is one of the most misunderstood marketing strategy, but you have really broken it down and made it clear!

  4. Being YOU is so important! Attraction marketing is a slow burn but it is definitely worth it in the end if you can be consistent.

    And yes, the sooner you get started the sooner you get results.

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