2 Power Packed Methods to Create Affirmations that Really Work

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2 Power Packed Methods to Create Affirmations that Really Work

If you are like most people you have a difficult time focusing on prosperity? power punch affirmations

You probably also find that you are trying to stop yourself from thinking negative thoughts… For most people these negative thoughts become habits and when your dominant thought is negative it is hard to attract anything but lack and problems into your life.

While there are many things you can do to get your mind right and on track… Affirmations tend to be one of the simplest and most powerful tools you can start using right away to shift your mindset…

Affirmations are so effective and create change so quickly because they deliver new positive and results oriented messages directly to your subconscious mind. Which if done correctly will take the place of the old limiting beliefs that were creating the negative thoughts and lack in your life.

Having said that, not all affirmations are created equal… Some work well, where as others can have a negative effect and work against your attempts at focusing on prosperity, success and happiness.

Lets take a look at what I am talking about…

Trying saying this affirmation: “I am very wealthy”… how effective would this affirmation be at making you wealthy? the money-tree

Would it turn you into a very wealthy person overnight? Would you wake up to a money tree growing in your back yard? I highly doubt it!

And the reason for this is that in reality you realize as does your subconscious mind that this statement is not true.

When you try to convince your subconscious mind that you are indeed very wealthy what happens is that your current belief systems goes into conflict with this statement.

Your subconscious mind knows you are not wealthy and it does not like the conflict it now is experiencing. So as a result your life does not change and you definitely do not become wealthy.

Power Pack Affirmation Strategy #1: So if you really want your affirmations to work for you, what you need to do is phrase them in ways that they will not be in conflict with your subconscious mind.

Which in plain English means your affirmations must be believable!!

Here is an example of a much better worded affirmation…. “I’m becoming more motivated every day.” or “I’m becoming more successful every day”.

These just feel right don’t they… they are more believable… and attainable.

As such your subconscious will not try to fight these phrases… simply because you and your mind can see these things happening for you…

Power Packed Affirmation Strategy #2: Another way to experience better results with your affirmations is to structure them in a way that requires you to take more responsibility…

So instead of affirming “I’m becoming more successful every day,” you could say “I am open to opportunities for me to create success in my life”.

Structuring your affirmations in this manner allows you to feel more in control of achieving the goal.

Instead of simply sitting around waiting for the money tree to grow in your back yard, you are sending messages to your subconscious mind that you have the ability and are in charge of determining how much money you will have by being open to all the opportunities that you are presented with…

Do not get discouraged if you are still having negative thoughts towards your goals… not all affirmations take root over night… depending on the amount of lack you had created in your mind will determine how long it will take for an affirmation to take root.

If your focus on negative thoughts is strong , you will most likely have to spend a lot of time and effort training your subconscious live a positive lifeto change its focus to prosperity.

But do not get discouraged because eventually you will experience progress. The more time and effort you put into creating prosperous thoughts in your mind, the more you will start to experience good things happening in your life… you will attract them to yourself.

Alright… to help you get started on creating the right type of affirmations, we have provided you with a few:

I use my beliefs & positive attitude to attract prosperity effortlessly.
I’m becoming more motivated and success driven each and every day.
I know I have exactly what is required to become a success and reach my goals.
I have all the talent and resourcefulness I require to become a success.

Start focusing on the right type of affirmations daily… and it will shock you at how fast you will dump those limiting beliefs!

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