Master These 2 Recruiting Strategies

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Master These 2 Recruiting Strategies

In order to succeed as a network marketing recruiter… or in order to become a professional recruiter you must understand the psychology of recruiting. Master these 2 network marketing skills

So today we are going to jump right into this… get your pen out and take notes!

In fact I am going to cover in my opinion waaayyy to much in this post…

In fact what I am going to share with you today should be spread out over the course of at least 3 posts… so take your time reading this  post, it contains priceless information and a lot of it!

There are two key principles we are going to cover today…


Mindset & The Magic of 3rd Party Tools.

Mindset: Now when it comes to becoming a recruiter you must first change your mind set…

You must understand that as they say “Rome Was Not Built In a Day”!

Becoming a recruiter is the key to your success… but it is a “learned skill set”!

Which is a great thing as ANYONE with desire and commitment can accomplish it, but like anything else it can take a bit of time to master.

So do yourself a huge favor and have patience with yourself as you learn this skill set that pays so incredibly well.

The next thing to understand is that when recruiting it is crucial that you do not take it personally.


Network marketing Is a numbers game.. PERIOD!!

Some will join and some won’t join and none of that matters!

ALL that matters is that you continue to share your opportunity daily and with a good amount of people.

The fact is the more people you share your business with , the more people will join your business, and the more people will stick with your business, and the bigger your residual cheque will become.

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Now I am not suggesting you do this…

…but you could literally stand out in front of a shopping mall handing out DVD’s of your business and eventually you would achieve success in this business.

Eventually your DVD would land in enough of the right hands that you would sponsor some great people.

This is great news gang… because once you get your head right you will understand just how simple this business really is… nothing out there is as simple as this business.

Your success is simply a matter of finding a way to get your business opportunity in front of enough people on a regular bases.

You and you alone control the numbers!

You and you alone control how many people you will share your business with. And the methods I  teach, will help you get your business in front of massive amounts of people and keep it there.


The 2nd concept you MUST understand is “The Magic of 3rd Party Tools”!

ALL recruiting is, is pointing your prospect to a series of 3rd party tools that present your opportunity to them.

And then You continue to point them to a new 3rd party tool, UNTIL they have enough information to make a decision for themselves whether or not your opportunity is for them.

That is it!! SIMPLE STUFF!!



No selling, no hounding, no pressure, simply point to your 3rd party tools!

Now a 3rd party tool could be:

=> DVD overview of your business

=>  CD overview of your business

=> Company website

=> Sample of your product

=>  Three way call with your upline

=> Webinar

=> Hotel meeting

=>  Training call

=> Etc, etc, etc

I also suggest not letting any more then 2-3 days go between exposures.

For example if I talk to John on Monday and provided him with a 3rd party tool, I am back in touch with him by weds either signing him up or providing him with another 3rd party.

* Top Income Earner Strategy => Remember that every contact with your prospect is designed to either sign them into your business, or provided them with a new 3rd party tool. (always REMEMBER this!)


Your Turn….

Let me know in the comments section if you got any value from this AND fill me in on your thoughts and ALSO do me a favor and share this on facebook or twitter if you liked it!

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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