11 Ways to Find Happiness Now

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11 Ways to find Happiness Now!

Finding happiness in your life is not as difficult as you may believe it to be. In this article we are going to look at 11 simple ways that you can start to find happiness today. happiness comes from your own actions

=> Having positive relationships with others is essential to your happiness.

Realize that everyone is different. Learn to accept your friends and family for who they are. Do not look to change them. Stay away from confrontation; do not let yourself become resentful of others. Instead of arguing with people, take the time to understand their point of view. Work on strengthening relationships and looking for the good people, instead of pushing people away.

=> Do not just be thankful on Thanks Giving!

Learn to have an attitude of thankfulness. If you live in a first world country you have numerous things to be thankful for. Being happy is about appreciating what you have, while working towards bettering yourself and your situation?

=>Turn off the news!

It is a business that is designed to get people to read/watch and listen to it. It accomplishes this by its “Shock” factor… people love to watch bad news just like they like to watch a scary movie. Turn it off it is a major contributor to unhappiness in society! The news makes it difficult to find happiness when you are watching it daily. It pollutes your mind with negativity.

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=> Replace the news with positive upbeat material, self improvement material like this blog!

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Join a spiritual group like a church, spend time in prayer, learn to relax and focus on the inner you.

=> Learn to manage your time.

Do not waste it, keep track of it and use it to help improve and better your life. Work on your Happiness!

=> Learn how to laugh more.

Watch some comedy shows form time to time. Tell a joke or two. Have fun with your friends and family. Live life!

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=> Do not hold your feelings inside.

Do not let them eat you from the inside out. Be open with friends and family. Share your passions, concerns, excitements and fears!

=>  Do not let anger build up inside of you.

Find healthy ways to release it. Exercise; take a walk, an activity that you enjoy. Anger and Happiness can not occupy the same space.

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=> Find a job and career that you love.

Hard working and accomplishing things career wise will provide you with a sense of fulfillment. If you find a job you love you will never work another day in your life.



=>  Always be growing, take the time to learn.

Expanding your mind is key to growing as an individual. Expand your mind, exercise it, it will keep it sharp and open new adventures for you.

=> Stay healthy.

Eat a healthy diet, start exercising and get your rest, go to bed early. Take bed steps in the area, do not try and become a Olympic athlete over night. Give yourself time to get into the habit.

Happiness is simply a decision… If you truly want to find happiness, it is like any goal, it takes determination to make it a reality for yourself. But it is not hard work. Start out slow, start making some of the little changes we mentioned in this article… stay at it and before long you will be living a happy life!


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