100% Commitment to Your Network Marketing Success

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For my daily personal development I am re-reading for the who knows  how many’ieth time The Success Principles by Jack Canfield…

Great great book by the way… Makes #2 on my all time personal development list.

And when I say it is a Must read I mean you MUST read it!  (get your copy here). Commitment to Your Network Marketing Success

Chapter 35 is called 99% is a Bitch; 100% is a Breeze!  I freaking love that.

It starts with the following kick ass quote by Ken Blanchard:

“There is a difference between interest and commitment.  When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when its convenient.  When you’re committed to something you accept no excuses, only results.”

Bam Bam & Double BAM!


That is ALL It Takes…

If you truly want network marketing success you could do as that quote tells you and you would be done…  you would have it… case closed… that is ALL she wrote man!

Network marketing success is achieved by those who make 100% commitment to achieving it.

And not 1% less then that…

…They have the I am going to make it happen no matter what.

… They give it their all and they put everything into it!

… They accept no excuses, they give none and they will not listen to any from anyone else.

… They have a daily Method of Operation and they STICK to it!!


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Just Make the Freaking Decision…

When I tell you that success in your network marketing business is just a DECISION… that is not just me giving you lip service… or spouting off some mumbo jumbo!

Success in your network marketing business is JUST a DECISION!

Once you decide that you are REALLY going to do this then you will REALLY do it.

Once you decide that nothing is going to hold you back then NOTHING is going to hold you back.

Once you make the rock solid decision that this is the calling for your life… network marketing success just do it

…. the goal you are going to achieve then it is DONE…

…you will get there… the rest is just fluff.


Just Do It…

You see if you make the 100% commitment to share your network marketing business with 2 people a day… you do, it is over, you do not allow excuses to creep in…

…you do whatever it takes to share your business with 2 people a day… case closed end of story.

Once you make the 100% commitment to be on your teams training call weekly, then guess what…. you are on the call weekly, it is over and done with, decision made you are there.

Once you make the 100% commitment to do 6 blogs posts a week, it is locked in stone … over and out,… 6 blogs posts appear on your blog each and EVERY week.

You accept no excuses, in fact you will not even listen to them…  a done deal is a done deal.
(continued below)


Network Marketing Success is Found in Your Daily Schedule

Once your daily schedule is set and you have made the 100% commitment to your network marketing success…  you stick to your daily schedule no matter what!

…. you give no consideration otherwise… it is what it is… just like breathing… it is a rock solid part of your life… you do not exists with out it..

100% Commitment to Network Marketing Success…. DONE!!

You do not allow yourself excuses!

You do not allow yourself to be swayed by other peoples opinion!

You do not get distracted or tempted by shiny objects that seem to be the easier way…

You stay focused…  you keep on keeping on… you settle for nothing but what you committed to achieving!


The 100% Commitment is The Only Thing That Matters…

You could read ever network marketing book every written…  you could know every closing script… every recruiting technique known to man… but without the 100% commitment to success you got nothing!!

If you really want it…  get honest with yourself…  make this one rock solid, no turning back 100% commitment and it will shock you how fast things start to Rock & Enroll for you!

If you want to make the 100% commitment to your success… but something is holding you back… then post may help:
Network Marketing Success: What’s Really Holding You Back


Here is the link to “The Success Principals”… get a copy my friend!
Make the 100% commitment to reading one of the principals every day, it will do WILD things for you.

Video Revealed: Exactly What it Takes to Have Network Marketing Success

Your Turn How committed are you?  If you are 100% in let me know in the comments below!

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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  1. Spot on on Rob! You must have 100 percent commitment. No exception. Thanks for sharing this post.

  2. It’s funny how we have no problem talking about giving 100% in everything else we do… and how anyone who doesn’t give it 100% is a loser… but when it comes to our Network Marketing Business all bets are off and doing less than 100% is perfectly acceptable… Great Post Robb…..

  3. Commitment and Decision – 2 very powerful words Robb

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