10 Foods That Hurt Your Weight Loss

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10 Foods That Hurt Your Weight Loss

Many of us struggle with our weight and just as many of us don’t know what to eat at each meal and snack to lose the weight and/or keep it off.

We see the word fat and instantly our minds conjure up a million different connotations about the word and what it means to us.

“Fat free,” “low-fat,” “trans fats,” “lose fat now,” but what does all this mean?

Can you get rid of fat?

What is the difference between “good fats” and “bad fats?” foods not to eat when losing weight

The truth of the matter is we NEED fat in order to lose weight. We NEED certain fats to have healthy hair and nails and for our body to function properly.

What we don’t need, are the following 10 fatty foods… (The unhealthy fats in our system that contribute to weight gain, heart disease, diabetes, obesity etc to simply name a few)

(1) Solid fat…

Any type of fat that stays solid at room temperature, you can do without. Spreads like margarine, butter, lard and shortening are all high in trans and saturated fats. These are the fats that lead to heart disease. Stay away from them!

(2) Prepacked foods…

In this busy day and age it is much easier to grab a box of packaged food that all we do is add a few ingredients and we call it supper.

Pre packaged foods are making us fat at an alarming rate. They contain high levels of sodium, carbs and preservatives. Would you put dirty gas in your Mercedes? Just something to think about.

(3) Store Bought Soups...

You may think you are making the right decision by bringing that boxed instant soup or canned tomato to the office with you, but what you are actually doing is plugging your system full of sodium and trans fat.

To make matters worse, you aren’t even full after, this will not help you to get rid of fat. Some soups can be very detrimental to weight loss. Choose low sodium, low fat options with some hearty vegetables and chicken instead of your normal high sodium chicken noodle soup, and add a garden salad so that you get some added nutrients in the meal.

(4) What about low fat food?

This may seem like a “duh” fact but with all the assumingly “low fat” options at your favorite drive through, you may be fooled into thinking you are making a better choice when really it is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Healthier food costs more money.

Large franchised restaurants and fast food chains are about making money. Consider this when you are ordering that “lean ham ciabatta sandwich” (which by the way can have upwards of 10-13 grams of fat and 40-50 grams of carbs!)

(5) You have probably heard that if you can’t buy fresh, buy frozen.

This is the case when it comes to choosing frozen vegetables over canned, but not the case when it comes to buying pre-prepared meals from your freezer aisle. From frozen pizzas, to pot pies to those “Highliner” fish sticks, you are packing tons of trans fats and not a heck of a lot of nutrients.

Take the time and make a fresh meal, your body will love you for that.

Caught Red Handed(6) Can’t keep your hands out of the cookie jar?

Find it even harder to keep your hand out of the cookie dough while making the cookies?…  then don’t make them!!

Commercially made cookies from your grocery store are extremely high in saturate and trans fats. Although some brands are coming out with trans fat free products, they are usually plugged full of something else bad. S

tay away from the doughnuts, cookies, Danish’s, cakes and if you want to make homemade, look for low-fat recipes that have some nuts, raisins, and/or whole wheat flour or fiber somewhere in the mix.

(7)  Shortening…

Even some of the reduced fat brands have trans fats so try and stay away from them if you are trying to lose weight.

(8) Breakfast should be the most important meal of the day…

But not if it consists of sugary cereals and refined products.

Packaged breakfast shakes, packaged flavored oatmeal and high carb/sugar cereals are the WORST thing you should put into your system first thing in the morning. Your body needs fuel for the day, not an instant sugar crash so you are falling asleep at your desk by 10:00. Instead choose things like, whole wheat toast and natural peanut butter with a low glycemic fruit, or a whole grain, high fiber cereal and yogurt.

Choose the best to start off the day great! This will help to get rid of fat.

(9) Candy Candy Candy…

This may seem obvious to most but stay away from candies.

There are many low fat brands out (although they contain aspartame) that will help curb that 3 pm sugar crave.

Try some sugar free gum, or sugar free candies instead. Gummies and candies are an easy way to stack up on sugar and carbs without offering much satiety, which means you usually, end up eating the whole bag!

(10) What about toppings?  

Last but not least are sauces, toppings and dips. Watch out, these are silent killers! Keep the chicken, hold the Bbq sauce, keep the whole wheat pasta and hold the creamy pasta sauce, opt instead for low sodium tomato sauce with
tons of veggies in it.

Keep the salad, hold the ranch…..you get the idea.


Basically losing weight or maintaining your goal weight requires a bit of discretion when it comes to eating certain foods. You have to accept the fact that if its an important goal to you, you cannot eat as the world eats. (At least not for 6 days out of the week)

Keep the 80:20 rule, which is watch what you eat 80% of the time and indulge only 20%, this is the nutritious persons’ idea of balance.

Your goal weight is within reach, if you practice moderation and smarts when it comes to choosing meals and snacks!

Stay away from these ten foods and you will be all the much quicker at losing that fat!

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