A Tribute to a Great Man – Theodore “Ted” Duplessis

Theodore Ted Duplessis

A Tribute to a Great Man - Theodore "Ted" Duplessis Our family sustained a great loss last week with the passing of my Father in Law.  He was a great man and one that we will miss but never forget. … Read the rest

Your Network Marketing Success is Your Decision

network marketing success is your decision

<= share over there (thanks)! Man as I have been relaxing and enjoying the beaches of Florida I have been enjoying re-reading The Success Principles by Jack Cannfield. This book helped me do great things back in 2004 – 2005. … Read the rest

Network Marketing Doesn’t Owe You Anything

network marketing does not owe you anything

<= share over there (thanks). Funny thing about our business of network marketing and in fact life in general… Most people would rather complain and mumble and grumble about how hard things are and how they do not work… …or … Read the rest

Can Only The Gurus Do Attraction Marketing?

Attraction Marketing

<= share over there (thanks) One of the challenges people face when they are considering using the internet and attraction marketing to build their network marketing business is their concern that they are not qualified to provide training's on how … Read the rest

Dr Seuss Tips for Network Marketing Success

Dr Seuss Network Marketing Success Tips

<= share over there (thanks)! Hey gang, today I thought I would share some great words of wisdom for network marketing success from one of the greatest Doctors of all time.  Yes I am referring to the one the only … Read the rest